Molis&Co is Maria’s dream project. This young mother and entrepreneur from Barcelona was surprised to discover how useful sleeping bags are for her babies. In 2019, realizing there was a lack of such products on the Spanish market she decided to launch her first collection. She felt there was a new generation of hard-working parents who value the time they spend with their children and want to provide them with a good quality sleep. That’s why they would appreciate such a convenient product in their day to day lives with their children.

Maria chose the name Molis&Co, which comes from the Latin word ‘mollis’ meaning soft and delicate, the characteristics that she wanted her sleeping bags to have.

The feedback after the first release was very positive, and Molis&Co’s earned its place as a reference in textile accessories for young children. Since then, Maria has been creating her own designs, delivering new collections while always keeping in mind her values: QUALITY & SUSTAINABILITY.