What is and how the TOG works

Our sleeping bags are classified according to the TOG system. In this article we tell you what this means and what to look out for when buying a sleeping bag.
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What does it mean tog? 

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, a unit used to measure the "warmth" of a garment (thermal resistance). The higher the measurement, the warmer the product.

In the textile industry, it is used to check and verify if the garment is warm enough or if it will protect us from the cold.

At molis&co we are always looking to create garments with the most suitable TOG according to the time of year.

  • Summer: TOG 0.4 and TOG 0.5: For rooms between 23 and 27 degrees.
  • Mid-season: TOG 1.0: For rooms between 21 and 23 degrees.
  • Winter: TOG 2.5: For rooms with temperatures below 21 degrees.

The room temperature plays a very important role, so it is also important to know how to dress your baby under the coat.

How to dress your baby under the sleeping bag?

Making sure our baby is neither too hot or too cold is very important for them to get a good night's sleep. That's why we understand that this is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Below, we show you an infographic where we guide you when it comes to putting the sleeping bag according to the temperature of the room, the time of year and the TOG.

How to dress your baby under the sleeping bag

How to dress your kid under the sleeping bag

Under the jacket, you can put a long-sleeved bodysuit or pyjamas. If it is very cold, we suggest combining both pieces of clothing with our jacket on top. Our advice is to keep them warm or cover them up just as we would do it ourselves, just because they are children, they are not more or less cold.

When sleeping in the cot, the inside of the cot retains a little of the heat given off by the child, so the temperature inside the cot is a little warmer than in the bedroom - especially in the spring and summer months. For this reason, we recommend keeping them as warm as we would like them to be, or even a little warmer.

We would like to point out that there is no certain science, as we base ourselves on generalised cases, but every baby is different and so is every home.

How we make sure they are hot or cold?

We recommend touching your baby's chest once the bag is on: if he/she is warm, the bag is retaining body heat correctly. However, if the baby/child is cold or, on the contrary, sweating, the TOG is not suitable.

Do they need to be tucked in?

There is no need to tuck them in with the sleeping bag. However, we do recommend using a blanket, a thin quilt or a sheet so that they gradually get used to covering themselves.

In conclusion, it is clear that to feel safe and warm all night long, our sleeping bags are the best.