How to keep a baby warm at night?

baby sleeping bags
Every mother/parent wants to avoid any kind of discomfort for their baby at night, whether it's being cold, uncomfortable or unable to move freely. We tell you how to promote a good sleep routine and hygiene for your baby.
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A sleeping bag has many advantages, but which bag should I use? We answer this and many more questions in this article.

We tell you everything you need to ensure a good night's sleep, comfort and safety for your little one while sleeping and all the advantages of using a baby sleeping bag.

Why should you use a baby sleeping bag? 

Families often ask us what the difference is between a pyjama and blanket and a sleeping bag. Experts advise that it is better for a baby to use sleeping bags rather than blankets, which create discomfort and insecurity.

With blankets they can cover their faces and we don't want that to happen at any time. Not only that, but with blankets or quilts they can easily become uncovered and their body temperature can get out of control.

Sleeping bags are practical and safer for your baby, as they allow them to move freely without putting their breathing at risk and keep their body temperature stable.
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Can a newborn use a sleeping bag? 

This is a very common doubt among first-time families. We usually give the same advice; it depends on the size of the baby. You have to wait until the baby's head does not pass through the neck of the sleeping bag once it is closed, to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Every baby is different and so is every body, we have bags from size 0-3 months, which is what we usually recommend for a newborn. Even so, our advice is to wait for the first month, see how your baby's sleep evolves and see how he/she grows.

Another recommendation is that, depending on the time of year and the temperature of the room, it is preferable to use a sleeping bag or not. We will explain below what type of sleeping bag to use, depending on the time of year.

How to choose the sleeping bag? 

There are types of sleeping bags, types of filling and when to use them.

  • Sleeping bag with feet
  • Sleeping bag with socks
  • Sleeping bag with sleeves and socks
There are different types of sleeping bags with different thicknesses. Depending on the time of year, you will have to choose one or the other. We call the thickness the TOG.

To find out how to keep your baby at the right sleeping temperature and which sleeping bag to use, let's talk about the TOG, which is the most important thing when choosing a sleeping bag.
The TOG measurement determines its thickness and therefore the temperature it provides for your baby. The higher the number, the greater the thickness.
  • Tog 2.5: This is the recommended sleeping bag for winter. Designed for protecting your baby from lower temperatures and cold nights (rooms between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius).
  • Tog 1.0: Recommended for between seasons, i.e. spring and autumn. Designed for protecting your baby on cooler nights (rooms between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius).
  • Tog 0.5: Recommended for summer. Designed for the comfort of your child on nights when temperatures are high during the day (rooms between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius).

This way, the little ones, without needing a duvet or cover, will be protected all night long and will be able to move around freely.