Crawling blanket

Our careful selection of mats is designed to foster development and exploration in a safe environment by your little one. With a range of designs to match our sleeping bags, our crawling mats are not only perfect for play-time and learning but also look good anywhere in your home. Explore now and find the perfect combination of style, safety and functionality for your baby’s growth.


Crawling Mats: style, safety and functionality for your baby’s growth

At molis&co, we have a deep understanding of how important the first years of development by your child are. That’s why we offer a broad range of crawling mats designed to create a safe, comfortable and stimulating play space.

Reasons to choose our Crawling Mats:

Safety: Made from non-toxic materials under OEKO TEX certification and designed to soften falls, our mats offer a safe environment for your baby to explore.

Support for Motor Development: Crawling mats are essential for developing motor skills because they encourage babies to move, crawl and even take their first steps.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: We understand the importance of hygiene, so our mats can be easily machine washed to guarantee a hygienic play environment for your baby.

Versatility: Not only are they perfect for play but our mats can also be used for such exercises as tummy time, naps and reading time, making them a versatile product that adapts to your baby’s growth needs.

Attractive Design: We choose designs that are not only educational and functional but also look good, complementing the decoration of any home.

Give your little one the best start possible with our mats, perfect for any stage of development.