Since 2022, molis&co is a proud member of Better Cotton. Better Cotton is an organization that supports the responsible and sustainable production of cotton. Its purpose is to encourage and promote the economic environment of the areas where cotton is produced. They want to ensure fair and safe working conditions for all the farmers and employees. In addition, Better Cotton trains farmers to minimize the environmental impact of cotton, protect natural habitats and reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Better Cotton is obtained through a mass balance system. Although is not physically traceable, this system allows Better Cotton member farmers to benefit from the demand for Better Cotton.

We are committed to sourcing 90% of our cotton as more sustainable cotton by 2023. More sustainable cotton includes (organic cotton, recycled cotton, Better Cotton, and Fairtrade cotton). Our main goal is to work together with Better Cotton, investing in the different programs to help cotton farmers to adopt more sustainable practices.