€35,95 EUR

Our baby nest protects and wraps the baby for a greater feeling of warmth and comfort. Its soft and fluffy contour provides a safe environment free of pillows or blankets. Ideal to put it on the parents’ bed who practice co-sleeping and, for the co-sleeping cribs, preventing the baby from rolling towards us. You can use the baby nest as a crib reducer and as a travel crib, so the baby sleeps in its familiar environment.

You can easily move the baby nest around the house and enjoy your baby close while you work or rest.

100% Cotton.

Thanks to the string that surrounds the perimeter of the baby nest, the surface can be adjusted between 70 cm and 85. By tightening the string we can get a cozier feeling.

Its lightweight and carrying bag make very easy to take anywhere.

 Easy care: Machine wash (40º) and tumble dry at a low temperature.