Winter baby sleeping bags TOG 2.5

No more blankets this winter with our TOG 2.5 baby sleeping bags. Made of 100% cotton and breathable. Your baby will sleep warm and safe all night long.

Why a winter sleeping bag?

Molis&co winter sleeping bags are a comfortable, safe and warm alternative for your baby. Perfect for colder nights, they maintain body temperature throughout the night and promote a good night's sleep. Available in different prints and sizes.

What is tog 2.5?

TOG is a system that allows us to measure the warmth of a fabric. Depending on the number, the thicker and warmer it is, the warmer it is for your baby.

Tog 2.5: This baby sleepsuit is recommended especially for winter. Designed to protect your baby from the coldest temperatures and cold nights. Recommended for rooms between 16 and 21 degrees.

What should I put under my baby's sleeping bag?

For our winter sleeping bags, we recommend always putting a full onesie/pajamas and if it is colder, a long sleeved onesie underneath.

The baby grow bag is not a substitute for pyjamas, but for duvets and blankets. So that you don't have to cover them all night long.

What is the difference between bamboo and cotton?

Bamboo fibre is softer than cotton. Its feel is more similar to silk. Cotton on the other hand, apart from its softness, is more resistant.

Bamboo is a wild plant, which requires hardly any water or fertiliser. Because of its rapid growth, it needs relatively less surface area. Bamboo is therefore a softer and more sustainable fabric than cotton.

On the other hand, cotton production requires more impact. At molis&co we collaborate with Better Cotton to guarantee the responsible cultivation of our cotton and create a weighted sleep sack baby.