Baby nest

The baby or cot nests from molis&co are excellent for use as travel cots or cot reducers. Baby nests can be adapted to suit the size of your baby by adjusting the strings on the side so they are always wrapped up snugly.

Baby nests are a highly recommended option for ensuring your baby’s safety when you choose the co-sleeping method.

Baby nest

Co-sleeping Baby Nests: Comfort for your Baby

Discover the perfect combination of safety, comfort and design with our Co-sleeping Baby Nests. Designed to ensure the safety of your baby, these BCI-certified cotton baby nests are the perfect choice for guaranteeing a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep. Thanks to their premium quality breathable materials, they provide the safest and cosiest environment for your little one.

Exclusive characteristics of our baby nests:

BCI Certification: The premium quality BCI-certified cotton ensures gentle and safe contact with your baby’s delicate skin.

Total Protection: A protective cushion surrounds the baby nest to create a safe hazard-free space for your baby.

Cot Reducer: They provide a cosier and safer space inside a conventional cot.

Portability: They are easy to carry, meaning your baby can sleep in a family environment wherever you go. Safe Co-sleeping: Ensure a risk-free shared sleeping environment.

Why choose our co-sleeping baby nest?

Our baby nests are essential for ensuring your baby sleeps safely. They also suit family life perfectly by encouraging emotional and cognitive development in the child. Having become the star gift of any baby shower, these co-sleeping baby nests are a must-have on any baby gift list.

Furthermore, all our products come with Oeko-Tex certification to guarantee the absence of harmful substances and to protect your baby’s skin against any risk of irritation or allergy.