Winter Sleeping jumpsuit TOG 2.5

Sleep suits for spring/autumn are also known as babygrows or one-pieces for babies and infants, and are the natural evolution of the classic sleeping bag for babies; perfect for letting your child move freely while they sleep, crawl, walk or play.


Sleeping bags with legs for babies and children are the best solution for winter. Forget about blankets and duvets, your little one will no longer be cold at night and will have a restful and safe sleep.

Discover which winter sleep bag best suits your little one; sleeping bag with feet, sleeping bag with arms and sleeping bag with non-slip socks. All of them with a TOG 2.5 thickness.

Sleeping bags with feet have double zips for easy opening and closing in case of nappy changes.

The non-slip sock sleeping bags cover your child's feet completely and are very easy to put on and take off. Silicone dots on the soles of the feet prevent your baby from slipping when walking, offering extra protection and peace of mind.

Sleepingbags with sleeves offer extra warmth in your baby's arms. The double shoulder zips make the sleeves easy to put on and take off. These sleeping bags also contain non-slip socks, creating a sleeping bag that covers the entire body.

Our toddler sleeping bag for babies and children are made of cotton and filled with recycled polyester fibre (GRS certified), available in sizes from 6 months to 6 years.


The TOG measurement is a system that allows you to measure the warmth of a fabric and, therefore, the warmth it provides for your baby. The higher the number, the greater the thickness and warmth it provides for your baby.

Tog 2.5: This is the sleeping bag for babies and children recommended for winter. Designed for protecting your baby from the coldest temperatures and cold nights (rooms between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius).