sleeping jumpsuit

Sleep suits are also known as babygrows or one-pieces for babies and infants, and are the natural evolution of the classic sleeping bag for babies; perfect for letting your child move freely while they sleep, crawl, walk or play. Made from BCI-certified cotton with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.


Families often ask us what the difference is between putting them in pyjamas and a blanket and putting them in a sleeping bag. Experts advise that it is better for a baby to use sleeping bags, rather than blankets, as they provide greater security and comfort.

 With blankets they can cover their face and we don't want that to happen at any time. Not only that, but with blankets or quilts they can easily uncover themselves.

Sleeping jumpsuit create even more freedom of movement for your little one.  If he starts to crawl or walk, it's a perfect option to leave the sleeping bag on during dinner or breakfast.

Find out which is the best solution for you: sleeping bags with feet, sleeping bags with sleeves and sleeping bags with non-slip socks.


The TOG measurement is a system that allows you to measure the warmth of a fabric and, therefore, the warmth it provides for your baby. The higher the number, the thicker and warmer it is for your baby.

To find out how to keep your baby at the right sleeping temperature and which sleeping bag to use, let's talk about the TOG, which is one of the most important when choosing a sleeping bag.

Types of TOG:

  • Tog 2.5: This is the recommended sleeping bag for winter. Designed for protecting your baby from colder temperatures and cold nights (rooms between 16 and 21 degrees)
  • Tog 1.0: Recommended for between seasons, spring and autumn. Designed for protecting your baby on cooler nights (rooms between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius)
  • Tog 0.5: Bag recommended for summer. Designed for baby's comfort on those nights after high temperatures during the day (rooms between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius)

So your little ones, without needing a duvet or cover, will be protected all night long and will be able to move around freely.


.A baby sleeping bag (of any kind) has many benefits and advantages. For a safe sleep, it is most recommended by experts. For little ones, sleep time is a very important part of their daily routine and physical health. We tell you all the reasons why we recommend the use of a sleeping bag.

-The sleeping bag prevents your baby from uncovering during the night.

-Offers safety, prevents them from rolling up or getting caught between the sheets or blankets, thus protecting them from suffocation.

-It is comfortable and gives a feeling of total freedom of movement inside the bag.

-It maintains body temperature all night long and protects from hypothermia.

-Improves the quality of sleep.

-It is practical, including a double zip for changing nappies.

-It is made avoiding plastics and under the GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

-It's very soft!

At molis&co what matters most to us is the quality of the fabrics, to offer the best rest to the little ones.


At molis&co we care about the safety of the little ones. We care about quality before quantity, and we are committed to generating a type of design and product that is timeless and durable over time.

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