Travel Kit

With molis&co, every outing with your baby becomes a more organised and stress-free experience. Our exclusive collection of toiletry bags is designed for modern parents who are looking for functionality without having to sacrifice style. Our compact toiletry bags let you take essential items with you wherever you go. We have what you need to be fully prepared for anything.

Travel Kit

At molis&co, we are aware that life with a baby can be an adventure full of surprises. That’s why we offer toiletry bags for babies that are not only practical and functional but also elegant and long-lasting. Here are a few reasons to choose one of our products:

• High Quality: Made from Cotton and with a strong zip, they are easy to machine wash.

• Versatility: Perfect for any situation, from short visits to the park to longer journeys.

• Modern Style: Each piece is designed to be as elegant as it is practical, looking good with any outfit.

Discover how our toiletry bags and baby bags can make your life easier and more organised.